Guwahati, Saturday, December 18, 2010

3 Naga underground groups unite
 DIMAPUR, Dec 17 – Taking the Naga Reconciliation process another step forward, three Naga political groups – NSCN-K under the leadership of chairman SS Khaplang and general secretary N Kitovi Zhimomi, NNC (Naga National Council) under the leadership of president Dr Senka and general secretary V Nagi, and NNC/FGN (Federal Government of Nagaland) under the Leadership of Kedaghe, Brig (Retd) S Singnya and Kedallo Zhopra Vero – have announced that they have united unconditionally in the true spirit of reconciliation.

 The declaration was made in a meeting at the Oking on Tuesday. “After thorough deliberations on various core issues and agreeing on common Naga political aspirations, a joint declaration was issued by the three political groups, committing themselves to unconditional unity,” a communiqué released to the Press by the publicity departments of the three groups said.

While acknowledging the initiative of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) and the unceasing support of Nagas at all levels ‘despite the many setbacks from various corners’, it stated that the Naga political groups have committed themselves to reconciliation, peace and unity by recognising the fact that the solution to the prolonged Indo-Naga-Burma problem could only be hastened by the Nagas themselves.