Guwahati, Sunday, April 03, 2016

60th birth anniversary of Bodofa UN Brahma
 KOKRAJHAR, April 2 - As in the previous years, the 60th birth anniversary of Bodofa Upendra Nath Brahma was observed as the Students’ Day by the All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) centrally at Thulungapuri, Dotma in Kokrajhar district on Thursday amid a huge gathering.

 Speaking on the occasion, ABSU president Promod Boro said, “Bodofa, as a student leader, had brought about remarkable changes in the lives of the downtrodden through the ‘Bodoland Movement’. He said Bodofa was a leader not only for Bodos but also for the students and the underprivileged communities. “He dreamt of building a upright Bodo society. He was one of the greatest visionaries of Bodoland Movement and an icon of the downtrodden,” he said while adding that the Bodos should follow his ideology, philosophy and principle that brought about a new hope for the neglected and downtrodden. He called upon all people to work and dedicate towards the society not by mere words but by deeds.”

Former president of the ABSU and ex-Rajya Sabha MP Urkhao Gwra Brahma attending the programme said that it was very unfortunate that the Bodo Movement leaders, especially those who have joined political parties have forgotten the contributions, philosophy and ideology of Bodofa. He said that the leaders should not forget his dedication and relentless work for the people. “There are many Bodo political leaders who use the name of Bodofa whenever they need but they do not perform according to what the Bodofa had preached,” he said adding that forgetting the ideology and principle of Bodofa means forgetting the Bodos and the downtrodden.

Brahma said the ABSU has been demanding a half holiday on the birthday of Bodofa UN Brahma on March 31. The proposal has been sent to the government of Assam and the BTC but no initiative has been taken so far for the same. Realizing that the frequent riots have brought trust deficit in the society, peaceful co-existence must be restored, he said.

The open meeting was also addressed by former Lok Sabha MP Sansuma Khunggur Bwiswmuthiary, the Director of UN Academy, Kokrajhar, Krishna Gopal Basumatary and others and was also attended by MCLA of Dotma, Jatirindra Brahma, ex-MCLA Indra Mohan Brahma, ex-BTC EM Mono Kumar Brahma, social activist Pratibha Brahma and leaders of different democratic organisations. The open meeting was inaugurated by the Power of Attorney, UN Brahma Trust Ambritlal Brahma.

Earlier, the president of the ABSU Promod Boro hoisted the flag of the organisation at Thulungapuri, the burial ground of Bodofa UN Brahma.

People from all walks of life and students from various educational institutions and locals participated in the programme and paid respects to the Bodofa.

Meanwhile, at the BTC Secretariat, the EM of BTC Doneswar Goyary offered floral tributes at the statue of Bodofa to commemorate his 60th birth anniversary. The programmed was also attended by Principal Secretary I/C Robinson Mashahary and staff of BTC Secretariat.