Guwahati, Sunday, October 18, 2009
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Refresher courses for college teachers
 GUWAHATI, Oct 17 The UGC-Academic Staff College, Gauhati University will hold refresher courses in the disciplines of Economics (September 30 December 20), Philosophy (September 30 December 20); Tribal Studies (December 14 January 3) and Mass Communicate on and Information Technology (December 21 January 10). The last two courses are interdisciplinary in nature.

Further, the University Grants Commission has allotted refresher courses in Mathematics and Statistics, Commerce, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Political Science, Electronics and Instrumentation, Botany and Women Studies (interdisciplinary) to be completed within March 31, 2010 by the Academic Staff College. All the courses are open to College and University teachers and the application form can be downloaded from the website Applications will be received upto one week ahead of the course provided seats remain vacant.

In the current year, the Academic Staff College had completed two orientation programmes with 62 college and University teachers and 3-week refresher courses in Assamese, Environmental Studies and Education, besides completing one workshop for principals of colleges, two one-week training programmes for 75 non-teaching employees of colleges and a week long programme for senior teachers of Philosophy. The ASC is running two three-week special courses for Ph.D. Scholars for Social Sciences and Bio Sciences with 78 participants since October 12 and will be conducting two four-week orientation programmes from November 2 next.

Under the revised guidelines of UGC, the Academic Staff College, Gauhati University will run one-week brainstorming programmes within the current year for professors, Associate professors, Assistant professors (selection grade) of Universities and colleges in the disciplines of Chemistry, Commerce, Statistics and Zoology provided sufficient applications are received.