Guwahati, Thursday, November 26, 2009
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Government jobs and advertisement
 Sir, The unemployed educated youths having high profile university degrees, after their studies, often want to be absorbed in government jobs, both under the Central and State governments. Such job seekers have to move from pillar to post to get first-hand information through newspapers and employment news bulletins. Those who do not subscribe to any newspaper, rush to the State and district libraries to know all about the details of job. Those candidates who do not have registered employment exchange number make a hasty walk to the employment exchange office to register their names. Moreover nationalised banks, Reserve Bank of India, Railways etc. invite applications with good pay packet on all-India basis.

Recently Reserve Bank of India held a recruitment test throughout the country including Guwahati, where lakhs of candidates appeared. The results were announced within a brief spell of time. Railway Recruitment Board also hold different examinations and results are announced quickly. This has been done looking at the age factor of the candidates. In Assam a candidate cannot apply for a government job after 38 years of age. It is interesting to know that some public and private sector companies, which are doing brisk business in Guwahati and other townships in the State invite applications for lower categories of posts for recruitment. But very interestingly, on the very first day of the advertisement, candidates are asked to report with relevant documents to appear before the selection board, which is illogical and against all ethics. Generally it takes nearly 48 hours to prepare the documents and get it attached by a Gazetted Officer. Such companies do not go for any high-profile job. Vodafone and Airtel invite application for lower category posts. While on the other hand important posts are filled up with candidates from outside the State. Can anybody deny this? This is how the local youths are deprived of their rights. Advertisements must be made mandatory for all categories of posts.

In recent months two government departments Textile and Handloom and Tourist Information, invited applications for fresh appointments and accordingly a serpentine queue was seen in front of their offices. But very surprisingly there is no definite information from the Textile and Handloom department when the examination will take place. The advertisement came out long back. Since age factor is there the written examination and viva voce should be held soon. There must not be any lethargic attitude. The government must not rely too much on Assam Public Service Commission. They also take much time to announce the results. Yours etc., Suren Ram Phookun, Guwahati.

 Sir, Appointments to hundreds of posts in different Assam Government departments had to be stalled after several aspirants moved the court alleging anomalies and irregularities in such appointments. It is observed that appointments to various posts are made on political considerations, vote bank criteria, party interests etc. and in doing so the merit of the candidate is totally ignored. The key posts in various departments are lying vacant for several years affecting public services. The normal recruitment procedure has stopped due to pending court cases, shortage of staff is hampering implementation of government schemes and administration. Therefore the government is trying to find out a way and contractual appointments to tide over the staff shortage problem are being considered.

Even in appointments on contract basis, nepotism, favouritism, corruption may take place and in such cases again there may be court interference. Presently the recruitment process runs into litigation and appointments come to a halt. The posts which are filled up by selection board and APSC are also influenced by the government. Anomalous appointments made by government are either stalled or cancelled by the court against specific complaints as found in recent APSC selection of candidates and subsequent appointment by the government. As a result the common man shall have to bear the brunt of such action. Yours etc., Sasanka Kr Dutta, Hatigaon, Guwahati.