Guwahati, Monday, January 18, 2010
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Manpower shortage hits MHRC
Newmai News
 IMPHAL, Jan 17 Manipur Human Rights Commission (MHRC) senior member RK Rajendra has rued that the lack of manpower in the Commission is hampering its effective functioning.

Referring to the strength of staff working in other states of the country, Rajendra said that about 120-140 staff are working in a human rights commission of a state but in the case of Manipur only 13 staff are working in MHRC. Besides, the 13 members of MHRC were from other departments.

Owing to the inadequate staff strength in the MHRC, the rules and regulations are framed by the MHRC. The investigation and the enquiry are being conducted by him, said Sri Rajendra.

Underscoring the need for a secretary in the MHRC for enquiry and investigation, Rajendra said the secretary must not be below the rank of a deputy inspector general (DIG).

However, the Deputy Secretary is looks after the work of the secretary in his spare time.

Stating that at least a member or two are required for conducting enquiries, he stated that under section 19 of the Human Right Commission, enquiry is to be conducted with a team of police. He added that the MHRC requires permanent staff for law division, training division, administration division, finance section, research section and also for the core group of health and medical sections.

Rajendra further revealed that only Rs 16,000 per month is being paid by the state government to the Manipur Human Rights Commission members as honorarium while 1,30,000 per month is being paid to each member of human rights commissions of other states, which is equivalent to the salary of high court judges, except in the state of Assam.